Maybury Farm now offering annual Making Maple Syrup tours

NORTHVILLE, MICH (WXYZ) - Maybury Farm is offering its annual Making Maple Syrup tours. They happen Saturday and Sunday afternoon throughout the month of March weather permitting.

Your tour begins with a wagon ride out to the Sugar Bush.  Once you arrive, you will head into the woods where you will learn about the maple tree, how to tap it, and then collect the sap.  You can even taste the sap straight from the tree!  The wagon will then take you to the Sugar Shack where you will watch and learn how the sap is converted into delicious maple syrup, how syrup is graded and also how to try making maple syrup at home.

The cost is $7 per person, kids 2 and under free (must ride on laps in wagon). To learn more about Maybury Farm visit


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