National Pet ID Week 2018 set for April 15-21

Southfield, Mich (WXYZ) - Did you know that an estimated ten million pets are lost or stolen in the United States each year?

That's one of the reasons behind National Pet ID Week. It'll be held April 15-21.

One way to help prevent losing your beloved pet is through micro-chipping. Having  a microchip implanted in your dog may sound like a painful experience, but it’s actually nearly painless and can be done safely on puppies at the time of spaying or neutering. It’s a simple procedure to insert a microchip the size of a large grain of rice between your dog’s shoulder blades or at the base of her tail. Most vets would compare getting a microchip implant to getting a vaccine, as no anesthesia is required and it only takes a few seconds.



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