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Smith & Co. shares recipe for Mushroom Toast

Posted at 6:34 AM, Oct 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-12 21:29:22-04

SOUTHFIELD, MICH (WXYZ) — Smith & Co. just opened its door in Midtown Detroit.

Both the menu and the facility are a blend of Detroit and Michigan history, culture and food. Every single dish has an ingredient that comes from a local producer in some way and most dishes are influenced by Detroit's cuisine.

Craft beer is a big part of the new establishment featuring Nain Rouge Brewery, which will open in the coming months adjacent to the restaurant with a shared patio and will be sold exclusively at Smith & Co. There are also house bottled cocktails, such as a Detroit Manhattan with Faygo Rock & Rye in it…and Faygo Rock & Rye, as well as Vernors, is also offered in the ice cream floats on the dessert menu…just to name a couple items.

The facility is 7,000 square feet and formerly a family-owned welding company that was in business in Detroit for 90 years. The architects have done a fabulous job incorporating the natural beauty of the Michigan outdoors with a mix of urban elements combining wood, metals, brick and concrete. There’s a lot of room to accommodate large parties as well as individual groups and small parties.

To learn more about Smith & Co., to see the menu or to make reservations, visit https://www.smithandcodetroit.com/

Mushroom Toast Recipe

Garlic Chips
Garlic, sliced thin (10 cloves)
Milk, 1 quart
Oil for Frying, 1 quart

Boil sliced garlic in milk until soft, reserving the milk. Place oil in a small sauce pot with elevated sides and heat to 300 degrees. Fry garlic in oil until golden brown and strain, placing garlic on paper towel to absorb oil.

Whipped Ricotta

Ricotta, 2 cup
Mascarpone, 1 cup
Roasted Garlic, 1/2 cup
Garlic Milk, As needed
Lemon Juice and Zest, 1 each
Salt, To Taste

Place Roasted Garlic and Lemon Juice in Food Processor and blend until smooth. Add the Mascarpone and Ricotta and whip until combined. Season to taste.

Mushrooms, sliced or chopped, 4 cups
Soy Sauce, 1/3 cup
White Miso, 1 Tbsp
Sugar, 1/3 cup
Butter (Optional)

Saute mushrooms in smoking hot pan. Water should be released and evaporated. Deglaze with Soy Sauce, Sugar and Miso and reduce until nearly gone. Add butter if desired.

To Assemble:
Sourdough, crusty bread, 1 loaf.

Cut bread into thick slices. Toast if desired. Spread Whipped Ricotta onto the toast slices and place mushrooms on top. Garnish with Garlic Chips and Tarragon.