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Time away from school means more clutter at home for parents to deal with

Posted at 9:03 AM, Jul 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-21 09:04:07-04

SOUTHFIELD, MICH (WXYZ) — A recent study reveals that with school out and kids home, stressed out parents want summer break to end after only 13 days. Why the stress? The Mess!

With toys, shoes, sports and art supplies turning your palace into a pit…who you gonna call? Kid Clutter Busters! That’s right. You can transform messy Madison and junkyard Jason into mini Marie Kondos with a new education campaign by Closets by Design called Camp Kid Clutter Busters. It's the fastest-growing custom organization franchise in the home improvement industry.

Hang Time - Two sets of hanging rods increases hanging space. The lower rod allows a smaller child to reach their own clothes without help. The accessibility also allows kids to put their own clothes away on laundry day - teaching them responsibility and organization at an early age.
Pro tip: Store those clothes the child doesn’t fit into yet or out of season items on the top rod.

Bin there, Done that - The double rod system allows the bottom of the closet space to be transformed with open shelves to hold bins and basket; key components of clutter control. Bins and baskets hold everything from clothes to toys. Children can easily pull these containers out of the closet and put them back at the end of play time.
Pro tip: In a custom closet, shelves and rods are adjustable. Heights can be changed as a child grows and their needs change.

Kids Kicks - Some kids have shoe collections that rival any adult and finding those shoes can sometimes be difficult. Designate a specific spot on one of the open shelves to neatly store shoes. You can also store shoes in a bin or a basket.
Pro tip: These organizers can also hold the jungle of stuffed animals or any other small toys scattered everywhere.

Clutter Command Center - If the closet space isn’t ideal for the ideas mentioned above, consider creating a free-standing clutter command center. These can be customized to fit a child’s needs. Lots of books? Add more bookshelves. Need a place to read those books? Add in a bench seat with storage underneath. Lots of Legos? Custom cubbies can store these trip hazards in a snap.
Pro Tip: Be sure to use all the space in the closet. Don’t forget the back of the door can also be used for additional storage.

Win the Chore Wars

In addition to the design tips, Closets by Design’s Camp Kid Clutter Busters includes ideas to help parents win the chore wars:

• Make cleaning a game! Set a timer on a task and have kids try to beat the clock. Or, have them ring a bell when they finish a chore.

• Create a cleanup chart. As they finish a task, have kids mark a check in the box. Or, let them fill in the box with fun stickers.

• Offer incentives. If the kids do their share of cleaning, allow them to have more screen time with their favorite electronic device. Or, let them choose what to have for dinner or what movie to watch for a family movie night.