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Tips for getting your home ready for the holidays

Posted at 5:28 AM, Dec 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-05 05:29:32-05

(WXYZ) — The holidays this year means more time at home with our immediate families to celebrate together.

Just because we can’t have everyone over doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate the same way. Parenting expert, Sherri French, shares ways to help you get your home ready and festive with ways to clean, prep, eat and have fun together.

Get your floors clean in time for the holidays safely
Steamboy Pro 300CU Steam Mop with Scrub Brush - $119
· WINNER 2019 Good Housekeeping Best Overall Steam Mop
· Just add water for a deeper sanitized chemical-free clean.
· Cleaning your home has never been healthier, safer or more cost-effective.
· Kills 99% of germs and bacteria.
· Simultaneously steam and scrub tile floors and grout lines.
· No need to soften hardened spills by soaking or spraying chemical cleaners.
· Easy press foot release button to switch between scrubber and steamer effortlessly.

A cheese board lovers dream for appetizers
Wisconsin Cheese
Look for the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese Badge
· My family loves cheese, so I went to the experts in artisanal cheese – the STATE of Cheese – Wisconsin
· Wisconsin is a world of cheese in one state and it’s the only state that requires a license to make cheese
· Make building a cheese board easy https://www.wisconsincheese.com/

Never struggle again with removing eggshells off of hard-boiled eggs
Airigan Solutions (The Negg)
The Negg®, Egg Peeler - $14.95
· The Negg® egg peeler is the first of its kind made in the USA!
· Saves time and frustration of peeling hard-boiled eggs.
· Co-owner came up with concept in her late 60’s and with her friend, created 3-D printer models at their local library https://neggmaker.com/
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Spray before you go!
Toilet Tidings 2oz
Jingle Bowls 2oz
Yule Logs 2oz
Holiday on the go 3-pack, including 10ml's of Toilet Tidings, Jingle Bowls and Yule Logs
Toilet tidings 10ml bow-n-go
· Poo-Pourri is the original before-you-go toilet spray with a serious cult following, amassing over 60k five-star reviews.
· Share holiday joy, not embarrassing smells with Poo-Pourri’s new luxurious products - perfect gifts for everyone on your list!

Get your after dinner exercise at your dining or coffee table
Midsize Portable Ping Pong Table - $179.95 on our website, $189.95 on Amazon
4-Player Ping Pong Paddle Set - $38.95 on our website, $39.95 on Amazon
2-Player Play Anywhere Portable Ping Pong Set with Net for Any Table - $35.95 on our website; $36.95 on Amazon
4-Player Play Anywhere Portable Ping Pong Set with Net for Any Table - $44.95 on our website; $45.95 on Amazon
· The Play Anywhere Portable ping pong set is an incredible gift and game for any household that doesn't have a ping pong table!
· This set comes with a retractable net that can be attached to almost any table (max 2" thick and 72" wide).
· It's great for travel or for a pop-up game of ping pong at home.
· It also comes with 2 high-quality ping pong paddles and 3 pro quality balls.
· Parents and Grandparents love this set, but don't know it exists!
· They're looking for fun games and activities, for indoors & outdoors - especially in our current environment!
· This set is the perfect solution to help restless kids have more fun at home.
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