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Best Heavy Duty Straps 2021

Best Heavy Duty Straps 2021
Posted at 11:04 AM, Mar 15, 2021

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Having a set of heavy duty straps can come in handy in a number of scenarios, from strapping down cumbersome kitchen appliances in the bed of your truck as you do a home remodel to hauling your sporting equipment to the lake on the weekends.

The best heavy duty straps can not only tie down and secure lighter-weight gear like kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, they can also handle heftier items like furniture, appliances and sometimes even cars or motorcycles.

When you’re shopping for the best heavy duty straps, first consider how you’ll be using the straps. If you’re hauling dirt bikes or motorcycles or even towing cars, you’ll need to go with ratchets and straps that have both a high break strength and working load limits.

If you’ll simply be using the straps to take your kayaks or paddleboards out to the lake, you can go with an option that has a lower working load limit and break strength.

Quick primer: The break strength refers to the point at which your load-bearing equipment will give out. The working load limit, on the other hand, is the rating that you should never exceed when using ratchet straps. The working load limit is a third of the break strength rating, according to U.S. Cargo Control. So, for example, if straps have a 15,000 break strength rating, then the straps have a working limit of 5,000.

The Best Heavy Duty Straps

Keep in mind that many heavy duty straps have warranties. You’ll want to perform regular inspections of your straps and ratchets, looking for things like broken stitching, holes, tears or snags that could affect the strap’s strength. Here, a guide to the best heavy duty straps.

1. RHINO USA Ratchet Straps Heavy Duty Tie Down Set, Motorcycle Strength

Price: $59.97

This Ratchet Straps Heavy Duty Tie Down Set has a 5,208-pound break strength, allowing you to secure a motorcycle, ATV or UTV. Made with polyester and silk webbing, it comes with four ratchet straps and four loops.


2. Sunferno Ratchet Straps Tie Down 2500-Pound Break Strength

Price: $29.97

The Sunferno Ratchet Straps Tie-Down Set is certified at 2,500 break strength and you can use it to tie down anything from your dirt bike to lumber in your truck bed. The rubberized hooks and ratchet handles are designed to protect your hand from bruises and keep your motorcycle scratch-free. The S-hooks keep the webbing secure while you’re driving.



3. ALL-TOP Nylon Recovery Kit With Hitch Receiver

Price: $79.98

Made with military-grade webbing, the nylon straps in this Nylon Recovery Kit with Hitch Receiver are ultra-durable with a break strength rating of 35,000 pounds. Marketed as being longer-lasting than polyester straps, these nylon straps come with a lifetime warranty.


4. AUGO Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps & Soft Loops—Pack of 2

Price: $26.95

With two ratchet straps, two soft loops and a carry bag, this set of Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps and Soft Loops has a break strength of 4,400 pounds. These universal tie-downs can be used to tow everything from motorcycles to jet skis to golf carts.


5. Grip Heavy Duty Tow Strap 

Price: $19.73

For under $20, this Grip Heavy Duty Tow Strap can help tow or recover cars, ATVs, SUVs, boats or light trucks. Its polyester web strap won’t rot or tear in extreme conditions and the reinforced looped ends lend it strength and durability.


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