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Tiny Santa Hats For Chickens Are Ridiculously Cute

Tiny Santa Hats For Chickens Are Ridiculously Cute
Posted at 7:30 AM, Dec 04, 2020

Have you got your Santa Claus hat ready for the holidays? What about the smallest creatures in your life — will they be properly decked out in holiday gear this year? If you’re in need of some festive small-scale accessories, you’re in luck. Washington-based Etsy shop owner Erika Lindquist (HandMadeAmErika) sells a miniature Santa hat for the tiniest pets — and we really are talking “miniature.”

This tiny hat is the perfect size for a hedgehog, ferret, rabbit, iguana or even a chicken, if your feathered friends are keen to get into the Christmas spirit.

The itty-bitty headpiece is red and glittery, and it comes with a delicate elastic chin strap to ensure it stays in place. The base is a little larger than the size of a quarter, and the seller guarantees that it’s “built to last!” If you’re unsure of the size, she suggests test-fitting your pet with a quarter on top of its head to get an idea of how the hat will fit.


The store has a 5-star rating, and a quick look at the reviews reveals lots of happy pet owners, along with delightful photos of their fashionable pets. One customer describes the hats as “totally adorable” and shares a photo of her bearded dragon rocking the red glittery item.

Several reviews rave about the hat for chickens, and even an albino python is seen modeling the pint-sized version of the classic cap.


Unsurprisingly, the mini pet Santa hats have been a huge hit and are temporarily out of stock. But Lindquist is working hard to meet demand, and she promises that more hats will be available soon.

The hat costs $9.99, and you can also place a custom order for a different size or make other special requests. Matching accessories are available, so if you want a red glittery bandana for your rabbit or maybe even a cape for your iguana, you know what to do.


If the idea of mini pet hats is the best thing you’ve heard all year, there’s more good news: Lindquist offers a huge range of hats in other styles and materials, from silver birthday hats with numbers to clip-on rainbow hats. Adorable!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more festive fashion specifically for your chicken buddies, check out another Etsy shop, Animal Fun and Fashion, which offers chicken-sized sweaters. Wouldn’t this cozy little number go nicely with a tiny holiday hat?

Animal Fun and Fashion/Etsy

Happy holidays to you and all your animal friends!

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