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Holiday comedy "Greetings!" captivates crowds at Farmington Players

"GREETINGS!" holiday show at Farmington Players
Holiday comedy "Greetings!" captivates crowds at Farmington Players
Posted at 1:56 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 12:52:35-05

The offbeat holiday comedy "Greetings!" is getting great reviews from audiences at the Farmington Players Barn in Farmington Hills. The show runs through Sunday December 17th.   It's the tale of what happens when a Catholic guy brings home his Jewish fiancee for Christmas. "Greetings!" is a show  laced with genuine laughs, family drama, and a touching twist that harnesses the enlightening power of the holiday spirit.


As a Catholic family prepares to celebrate Christmas, one son Andy Gorski (Bob Cox of Ann Arbor) arrives for the Holiday with his Jewish fiancée, (Amy Lauter of Farmington Hills) who happens to be an atheist. This sets the stage for an offbeat comedy that is sure to delight and surprise audiences at the Farmington Players Barn in Farmington Hills.


Greetings! by Tom Dudzick opens Friday December 1st and runs through Sunday, December 17th. Tickets are available now at www.farmingtonplayers.org or at the box office, (248) 553-2955.




The playwright Dudzick is sometimes referred to as a “Catholic Neil Simon.”  His thoughtful and uplifting Christmas comedy is laced with genuine laughs, family drama, and a touching twist that harnesses the enlightening power of the holiday spirit.




Dudzick spoke with the Farmington Players about his work saying, it’s partly based on the time he had a Jewish girlfriend.  “I thought it might be fun to imagine what it would be like to take her home to Buffalo to meet my very Catholic parents, maybe on Christmas Eve, and write a play about it,” Dudzick said.  Farmington Players patrons fondly remember Dudick’s “Miracle on South Division Street,” which was performed at the Barn to rave reviews in 2015.  Like Miracle, Greetings! tugs at the heart with themes of family, faith, and fun.




The parents of this working-class family from Pittsburgh Phil and Emily Gorski, are played by Bob Hotchkiss of Bloomfield Township and Maureen Mansfield of Farmington Hills.  Dudzick says the characters are a “precise portrait” of his own parents.  “My father used to gripe and grumble all day, just like Phil. And my mother did her best to keep her good humor,” said Dudzick.  “Like Phil, my father was a ball player, but basketball, not baseball. In his college days he was 6' 11". And in the 1930's this was gigantic!” 




As the dysfunctional family members settle in for Christmas eve, the final character is Andy’s mentally challenged younger brother Mickey, played by Alex Macksound of Farmington Hills.  Mickey turns everyone’s belief system upside down with a stunning revelation.  


Barbie Weisserman of Farmington Hills, a longtime admirer of Dudzick’s work, is directing Greetings! for a second time. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to direct it again this season at the Farmington Players,” said Weisserman. “It was a magical experience before and it is turning out to be even more insightful and magical this time.”


Greetings! is sponsored by Cadillac Travel Group. Reserved seats are available now at www.farmingtonplayers.org or by calling the box office at





Friday, December          1      -8pm

Saturday, December       2      -8pm

Sunday, December         3      -2pm

Friday,  December         8      -8pm

Saturday, December      9      -8pm

Sunday , December       10     -2pm

Thursday December      14      -8pm  (Thrifty Thursday: All Tickets $16

                                                including students and seniors)  

Friday, October             15      -8pm

Saturday, October         16      -8pm

Sunday, October           17      -8pm   





Reserved Seats are available at both www.farmingtonplayers.org and the box office at 248-553-2955.   You can also send an email to boxoffice@farmingtonplayers.org

*  Adults: $18

*  Students: $16

*  New Senior Pricing:  $2 off any performance except Thurs. Dec. 14th when all tickets cost $16; Seniors must be at least 62 years old.

Group Discount:  $2 off adult price on any show with a group of ten or more people. Group discounts do not apply on Thurs. Dec. 14th when all tickets ($16) are $2 off

*  Thrifty Thursday all tickets: $16 on Thurs. Dec. 14th – senior, student and

    group pricing does not apply.



The Farmington Players Barn is located at 32332 W. 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills Michigan 48334. It’s the big white barn on the north side of 12 mile between Orchard Lake and Farmington Rd.



Cadillac Travel Group




Phil Gorski:                 Bob Hotchkiss, Bloomfield Township.

Emily Gorski:             Maureen Mansfield, Farmington Hills

Andy Gorski:              Bob Cox, Ann Arbor

Mickey Gorski:           Alex Macksound, Farmington Hills

Randi Stein:                Amy Lauter, Farmington Hills




Director:                      Barbie Weisserman, Farmington Hills

Asst. Director:             Bonnie Fitch, Southfield

Producer:                     Allison Boufford, Livonia

Producer&                   Jim Pierce, Southfield

Stage Manager

Lights:                         Frank Ginis, Troy

                                    Josh Fitch, Southfield

Sound:                         Eric Nogas, Farmington