OSCARS BLOG: Relive the fun from the red carpet special to the awards show

Posted at 4:13 PM, Feb 24, 2013
and last updated 2015-02-16 10:16:07-05

The Oscars are here! It's Hollywood's biggest night and 7 is your home for all the special moments and high fashion that go along with the show.

Alicia Smith and Erin Nicole will be chatting about the show on both the WXYZ-TV Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #7Oscars.

You can also follow along with out special live blog about the show below. We will also be compiling special photo galleries of all the fashions and awards winners as the show happens!

The fun started at 7:00 pm when ABC's red carpet special began. We then carried on through all the awards, once the Oscars telecast begins at 8:30 pm.


12:04 pm: And that's a wrap!

12:00 pm: Hold on, we're not done yet. There's a production number left!

11:55 pm: Mrs. Obama presents the award to Argo. The movie won 3 Oscars on 7 nominations.

11:52 pm: And he's being joined by Michelle Obama from the White House!

11:51 pm: And JACK is on stage for Best Picture. 

11:48 pm: And the Oscar goes to Daniel Day Lewis. This makes him the first actor to win three times in the leading role category.

11:45 pm: Seth: "Ladies and Gentlemen, our next presenter needs no introduction" and walks off. Meryle Streep walks on stage to present the Best Actor Award. It's almost a forgone conclusion this is going to Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln.

11:42 pm: And the Oscar goes to - Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Lining Playbook. And she FACEPLANTS on the way up to the stage.

11:40 pm: Jean Dujardin is out to present the Best Actress award (for those of you who don't remember, he won the Best Actor Award last year. This is another competitive category.

11:34 pm: And most people would be wrong, because the Oscar went to Ang Lee for Life of Pi!

11:32 pm:  Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas are on stage, presenting the award for Best Director. Since Ben Affleck can't win, this category is wide open. However, most think it could go to Stephen Spielberg.

11:26 pm: And now Best Original Screenplay. The Oscar goes to - Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained.

11:22 pm: Dustin Hoffman and Charlize Theron are out to present the writing awards. First up: Best Adapted Screenplay. The Oscar goes to - Argo. 

11:12 pm: And now the Oscar for Best Song. The winner is - Skyfall.

11:08 pm: The cast of Chicago is out to present the Oscar for Best Score. The winner is - Life of Pi.

11:01 pm: And Barbra Streisand is out to pay tribute to Marvin Hamlisch with The Way We Were. This is the first time in 36 years she's performed on the Oscar stage.

10:57 pm: George Clooney is up to introduce In Memoriam. Time for a moment of silence.

10:47 pm: And now Bella Swan and Harry Potter (also known as Kristen Stewart and Daniel Radcliffe) are presenting the production design award. The Oscar goes to Lincoln. The awards are being spread around tonight and now clear front runner is coming forward.

10:34 pm: And now Adele.

10:31 pm: Sandra Bullock is up to present the Best Editing Oscar. The Oscar goes to Argo.

10:23 pm: Hathaway: "It came true." Remember, she sang I Dreamed a Dream in Les Miz.

10:22 pm: Plummer: "And the Oscar goes to Miss. Anne Hathaway."

10:19 pm: And now Christopher Plummer is up to present the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Many feel this is Anne Hathaway's Oscar in a walk.

10:18 pm: And a little bit of trivia for you. This is only the third time in history there's been a tie at the Oscars.

10:16 pm: And the second Oscar goes to Skyfall. Fitting on a night when 50 years of James Bond is honored.

10:13 pm: And now they're presenting the award for Best Sound Editing. And it's a tie! Wow! The first Oscar goes to Zero Dark Thirty. 

10:11 pm: And now we have Ted and Mark Wahlberg on the stage. They're presenting the Best Sound Mixing Oscar. The winner is Les Miserables. Totally earned, one of the only musicals that the actors sang live during. Most of the rest are lip synced. 

10:10 pm: Seth: "You guys have made some incredible movies, I made Ted." I liked Ted!

10:08 pm: Star Trek's Chris Pine (the new Captain Kirk) and Zoe Saldana are up to show the winners of the Science and Technical Oscars.

10:01 pm: The Les Miserables cast is up!

9:57 pm: Now it Jennifer Hudson with And I'm Telling You from Dreamgirls. (Oscar winning role #2)

9:52 pm: John Travolta hits the stage with a spring in his step. He's introducing the tribute to movie musicals. First up Catherine Zeta Jones with all that Jazz from Chicago. (Oscar winning role)

9:49 pm: Jennifer Garner and Jessica Chastain are presenting the foreign film award. The winner is Amour!

9:42 pm: Ben Affleck up to present the Best Documentary award. The Oscar goes to - Searching for Sugar Man. We've interviewed Sixto Rodriguez and are incredibly happy this movie won.

9:35 pm: Best Documentary Short subject goes to - Inocente.

9:32 pm: Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx from Django Unchained are presenting the best short film category. The Award goes to Curfew, and like the Best Animated Short Film winner he comes out of the box on the side of the stage. Am I the only one wondering why the short subjects were put away from everyone else?

9:25 pm: And now Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger! Sorry Adelle, Skyfall was good but this is the gold standard.

9:21 pm: Halle Berry is up to present the James Bond Tribute. Who is your favorite James Bond?

9:18 pm: Now up: make-up and hair styling. The award goes to - Les Miserables!

9:17 pm: First up is costume design - the award goes to Anna Karenina.

9:16 pm: Channing Tatum are presenting the costume and make-up categories.

9:14 pm: So, if the winners go over they get played off with the theme from Jaws? How long until someone says "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"?

9:10 pm: Life of Pi wins again!

9:09 pm: The Avengers are also presenting Best Visual Effects. Their movie is nominated in this category.

9:07 pm: And Life of Pi takes the award for Cinematogarpher!

9:05 pm: The Avengers are on stage! They're presenting Best Cinematographer and slamming each other at the same time. From the way they're going about it, at least we know they like each other.  Keep the movies coming boys!

8:55 pm: Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy are now up to present Best Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature. The award for short film goes to Paperman. Best Animated Feature is Pixar's Brave. The Oscar is accepted by a man in a kilt!

8:50 pm: Christoph Waltz takes home the Oscar for his role in Django Unchained. This category was wide open, but most thought the award was going to Tommy Lee Jones or Robert de Niro, so this is something of a surprise. 

8:47 pm: Octavia Spencer is up to present the first award of the night Best Support Actor. This is considered one of the tightest categories of the night.

8:41 pm: And now a reenactment of the movie Flight with sock puppets!

8:40 pm: 10 minutes in and we've had two production numbers. One is a tribute to old Hollywood and the other is a song your 10 year old will probably be singing tomorrow.

8:35 pm: William Shatner drops in as James T. Kirk. "I'm here to stop you from destroying the Academy Awards!"

8:30 pm: It's show time and Seth MacFarlane takes the stage with the joke "And the quest to make Tommy Lee Jones starts now!" (For the record, Tommy laughed)

8:14 pm: We're just minutes from show time! 

7:30 pm: It's almost show time! The awards are less than hour away. Time to grab those snacks and get ready.

6:35 pm: The stars are arriving and we're just 25 minutes from show time on WXYZ-TV. Check out our photo gallery to see the red carpet arrivals.

4:09 pm: We're less than 3 hours from show time and the excitement is building! Tell us in the comments section below who you think will be the night's big winner.