Former Clinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds sentenced to 17 years in prison for bribery, conspiracy

Posted at 1:20 PM, Feb 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-06 17:49:31-05

(WXYZ) — Dean Reynolds has repeatedly said, “I’m innocent.”

He said that to 7 Action News last June as the last day he walked into federal court a free man and on the day the jury would find him guilty as charged, 14 counts of Bribery and Conspiracy. Today, Federal Judge Robert Cleland sentenced Reynolds to 17 years in prison.

Reynolds was offered a plea deal with 10 years in prison but chose to go to trial. The sentencing guidelines today were 19 ½ years to 24 ½ years. The defense had asked for 5 years.

Reynolds was convicted of asking for and taking tens of thousands of dollars in cash bribes from Rizzo Environmental as well a divorce attorney to get a trash contract in the township. Reynolds was also convicted of taking bribe money from Gasper Fiore who wanted a towing contract in Clinton Township. The feds made the case that there were a total of four bribery schemes resulting in 14 charges. The evidence includes video and audio surveillance that included Chuck Rizzo cooperating with the feds after Rizzo was busted in a separate case.

The judge asked Reynolds if he wanted to say anything before he imposed the sentence. Reynolds said he was not making any statement, following the advice of his defense attorney.

During the sentencing, Judge Cleland said Reynolds was “shameless, astoundingly remorseless behavior.” He also said, “citizens pay taxes, work hard and expect to get honesty.” The Judge said this case will leave a scar that will take years to heal.

At the end of the hearing, Defense Attorney Richard Korn asked for a temporary house arrest to have cancer testing for Reynolds. The attorney said a mass had been found on a kidney but nothing further has been done since Reynolds has been in custody since last June. Judge Cleland advised him to work with that out the feds. The defense attorney also asked that Reynolds do his 17 years in prison in Milan. The judge said he would recommend that.