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Towing industry calling for law changes to protect consumers

Posted at 6:51 PM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-24 19:12:20-05

(WXYZ) — Legitimate towers and the Michigan Towing Association are calling for changes in the law to protect consumers from unscrupulous towers.

“The towing industry to us is our life,” said Bill Byers, of Byers Wrecker Service.

“There are so many good towers who do not break the law,” said Joel Ballor, Michigan Towing Association President whose family owns Joe Ballor Towing.

Byers and Ballor have both had the towing business in their family for generations. They are proud of the work they do to help people when their car won’t start, after a crash, or when people illegally park on their property.

“We keep seeing the stories you guys do. We keep seeing horror stories about towing,” said Byers.

They both want the law changed to actually crack down on their industry.

They want fines for towers who break the law. They say right now there are laws, but few penalties.

“We are pushing for penalties for bad actors out there,” said Ballor.

They also want the law to ban schemes where businesses get kickbacks from towers who clear their lots.

“The car should be taken for no other reason than it is inhibiting the business of the property owner, not for the financial benefit of the owner,” said Ballor.

They have seen complaints from people who say when they find someone towing their car the tower won’t stop unless they pay cash for an entire tow. They say the tower should have to accept a credit card and the rate should be at most half of a standard tow.

“A lot of people don’t carry cash anymore. They should have to accept a credit card on scene. Let the people go down the road and enjoy their life. Because you take their car from them you are messing with their whole life,” said Byers.

If you want these changes too - contact your legislator. Draft legislation is in the works.