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Creating a safe space for metro Detroit students with autism

Sensory Room
Posted at 1:12 AM, Apr 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-03 20:43:09-04

WXYZ — Fredi The PizzaMan Foundation is hitting another home run for students with autism. Loved for his big heart and great pizza -- Fredi Bello continues to create smiles, and not just for David Portnoy.

Thanks to the generosity of metro Detroit and beyond, Fredi The PizzaMan Foundation just equipped another school with a new sensory room. It's a safe space for students with autism to feel calm and decompress.

The latest completed sensory room features more than $4,200 worth of equipment. It will assist students at The Lincoln Center in Wyandotte. The school serves students with autism from 17 Downriver districts.

Fredi learned about sensory rooms when his son was diagnosed with autism. Now, he's just trying to help other families.

So far, Fredi the PizzaMan Foundation has helped 21 schools. Fredi uses every dollar to make things a little easier for a child with autism. You can join the mission whether you have a $1 or $10 to spare. You can also make a difference by simply spreading the word.