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Detroit-based record-winning quadriplegic gamer scores professional deal

Posted at 10:26 PM, Aug 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-19 22:51:49-04

WXYZ — Rocky Stoutenburgh. RockyNoHands. Or simply: Rocky. He's a record-winning gamer from metro Detroit with mad skills -- and now, he's leveling up.

"Top Esports Org Signs Detroit-Based Quadriplegic, Record-Winning Gamer RockyNoHands."

That was the subject line that appeared in my inbox. I was intimidated at first. My gaming "expertise" stops at Mario Kart. Could I interview a real gamer without embarrassing myself? Would I know the right questions to ask?

I met Rocky via Zoom, and my concerns quickly vanished. Rocky was cool, calm and collected -- the kind of guy who smashes records.

His attributes -- destining him for success.

The Southgate man just landed a professional deal with Luminosity, a popular eSports organization.

"I'm basically on Luminosity to help them grow, help me grow ... we're kind of helping each other out," Rocky modestly explained.

Known in the gaming world as "RockyNoHands" -- the 33-year-old has already achieved two Guinness World Record titles in Fortnite.

He accomplished both feats using a mouth-operated controller called a quadstick.

"I know hundreds of people have found this device through me so I've helped them be able to game again. But, for anybody in general, if you see what I can do with just my mouth, all the things I do every day, and somehow pull off wins in video games and world records, hopefully that can inspire anybody..."

Rocky's new role as a content creator with Luminosity allows him to brand himself as a professional gamer. It's a well-earned title that has Rocky "riding the high waves," after a road that hasn't always been easy.

"Something people should know is that everyone has their ups and downs. There's been times in my life when I've been really, really low, and right now I'm riding really, really high ... it doesn't matter how far deep you get down, there's always a way out."

Rocky Stoutenburgh. RockyNoHands. Or simply: Rocky. Remember his name if it's the first time you're hearing it, because chances are, it won't be the last.

Here's Rocky featured in Guinness World Records