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You're Invited: Students with special needs hosting flower sale for the public this week

Jardon Flower Sale
Posted at 10:27 AM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-28 10:27:22-04

WXYZ — Summertime may be over but the sun is still coming out, making it a great week to pick up some fall flowers.

Today, students at Jardon Vocational School are opening their general store with a flower sale at 2200 Woodward Heights Avenue.

Jardon Vocational School, a part of Hazel Park Schools, serves adults ages 18 to 26 with special needs. The students come from 14 districts in Oakland County.

Jardon focuses on teaching young people adult living skills. Traditionally, that includes finding work within the community. But the pandemic put hands-on training on hold -- and students had to get creative.

"They just really flourished with their ability to try new things ... it was really amazing to watch them grow," Principal Megan Papasian-Broadwell told 7 Action News.

Students took matters into their own hands, teaming up with educators to create Jardon's first-ever general store, open to the public. You'll find doormats made by students with autism, along with plants grown at the school's own greenhouse.

We asked the principal of Jardon what she's most proud of, and it was hard to pick one answer.

"Just seeing them grow and become independent and appreciate themselves as individuals and really -- their ability to try new things and be so excited when doing it..."

Hours on Tuesday, September 28 are 9am to 6pm. The sale resumes September 29 through October 1, from 9am to 2pm each day.