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Spring Allergy Season 101 – Easy ways to help ease your suffering

Posted at 6:30 PM, Apr 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-23 13:05:11-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Are your allergies driving you nuts?! About 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. But who’s most at risk? We’re myth-busting…and helping you go on the allergen attack.

From budding trees, to grass, to ragweed…the pollen is swirling all around us.

Gina Hermz of Sterling Heights is feeling it.

“My nose is so stuffy. My eyes are watering,” explained Hermz.

Christon Stewart of Detroit is also ailing.

“Sinus headaches. Congestion,” she answered when asked what her worst symptoms were.

Scheyler Hamill of Birmingham is also suffering from spring allergies.

“Headache. Sinus pressure. Sinus infections,” said Hamill.

People are not alone in all of this. Even pets can collect pollen!

John Morreale of Birmingham recounts a fond memory involving his cat.

“On a windy day, the all black cat was outside, she comes inside, and she was just coated with yellow. Came in the house, and she was just looking yellow…She shook and ‘poof!’” he said throwing up both hands to better illustrate a cloud of yellow pollen.

And many allergy experts caution -- as much as you love your four-legged friends – they can add to your allergy suffering.

“If you’ve got pets [and take them outside], they’re covered in pollen. So, once you bring them in, and you’re hugging on them, you’re definitely going to have that. And if they sleep with you, you’re bringing the tree into your home,” said Dr. Sandra Hong of the Cleveland Clinic.

So, it’s best to bathe your pets regularly. But doctors say it’s a good idea to keep pets out of the bedroom at all times – especially out of your bed.

And remember, allergens can travel on your skin and clothes, too. So, showering before you climb into bed is ideal.

Think you’re ready to rock the seasonal allergy quiz?!

True or False – Everybody has allergies.
Answer: False
Not everybody is allergic to pollen. And those who are only suffer when the plants they’re personally allergic to are blooming.

True or False: If you suffered from seasonal allergies as a kid, you’ll suffer as an adult.
Answer: False
Experts say allergy problems can develop -- or fade -- at any age. So, who knows?! This could all pass some day. One can hope, right?!

True or False: Eating local honey helps lessen the severity of allergy symptoms.
Answer: False
Local honey consumption has not been scientifically proven to reduce allergies symptoms. Over-the-counter remedies may be your best option. Consult your primary care physician or an allergist to find out what’s best for you.

Many doctors recommend a saline spray for your nose. It’s a relatively inexpensive solution for some people to help keep allergens from camping out in the sinuses during sleep.

Doctors also suggest keeping your car windows up and home windows closed when pollen levels are particularly active. So, “airing out the house” on those breezy, fresh spring days may not be in your best interest.

Another idea for allergy sufferers is to limit being outside before noon. Pollen counts are generally higher in the morning. So, aim for doing more of your outdoor activities in the afternoon or early evening if you can.

If you’re not sure what you’re allergic to, you can always meet with an allergist for a skin or blood test.