Caniff salutes a blue collar dad as an electrician who needs to be recognized

Posted at 7:08 PM, Mar 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-23 19:08:07-04

Here is our winning entry:

My son thinks that my husband's work uniform is "daddy's clothes" because he doesn't seem to get much time out of his uniform.  

Jason, my husband, is an electrician at Faygo Beverages right here in Detroit. He loves being an electrician.  

He has no idea I am doing this at the moment, but I had to. He deserves credit for being the dad that takes his son to school in his blue collar while standing in line with all the suits around him.  

He is unashamed of how hard he works and is doing everything in his power to instill those same values in our boy, while praying that one day his kid doesn't have to break his back the way that he does.

Many days Jason leaves work just to go and help someone that has called him for help...because, as you probably know, an electrician is a good guy to know, especially someone who takes pride in their work.  

He has given up vacations to help wire friends homes, he has done work for Habitat for Humanity and the man loyally tries to help in our church whenever his schedule allows.  

In short, he is the kindest, hardest working and most loving electrician I know.  

He gets excited over simple things like good multimeter and enjoys studying PLC stuff in his "spare time."

Moreover, he loves being a part of Detroit and it's growth. He takes pride in keeping it local.  

I have watched him come home exhausted with fingers split from roughing houses in the dead of winter and not think twice when our boy asks for daddy to throw him around.  

He has walked through our door after 14 hours, full of insulation and sawdust from fishing wires and never sits until stealing a kiss from me.  

Lately, as he works with more industrial conduit the sawdust is exchanged for slivers of metal, yet he never complains.  

When I see his work and attention to detail I am in awe of his neatness and often wonder how he could still have patience for me, let alone our little guy.  

My husband is simply the best man I have ever known. He isn't just a great electrician, he is an AMAZING man!