Updating Your Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Updating Your Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures
Posted at 12:04 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 12:04:42-04

You can install brand new cabinets and countertops but nothing takes your room to the next level like the right fixture. Whether it’s new hardware, a new sink or even a tech friendly faucet-these are all musts in your next home improvement project. Here’s what you need to know before you install those final touches on your kitchen and bathroom remodel.

Understanding Function Over Form

It may look pretty but it may not always work in your home. Be sure to learn the function of the piece before you get your heart set on the design and look it. For example, wall mount faucets won’t have a water turn off valve under the sink, but all the way down in the basement. That can prove to be a huge hassle in the future.

Hire it Done recommends that before you buy, ask your fixture expert at Infusion Kitchen and Bath Showroom what is required to install it and what is needed to actually use it. Once you find out the best function for your home, then comes the fun part; you can choose from an array of different designs they offer.

Find The Finish

Once you have figured out what fits best for your home, find the finish that will compliment your new design. You want to consider the paint colors, countertops and larger items, like the refrigerator finish, when deciding on a look for your fixtures. If you have trouble deciding on a finish, here is what is trending in the industry at the moment:

1. Satin or Brushed Nickel

2. Polished Nickel

3. Flat Black Finish

4. Brushed or Matte Brass

If you really want to take your fixtures to the next level, try the ever so trendy and bold split finish. That’s using two different finishes together giving your room that touch of sophistication you have been looking for. And remember, Infusion Kitchen and Bath Showroom has many design experts on hand to help you complete your look, so you can get great advice from the professionals!

Keep Up With The Technology

It’s no surprise that technology has found its way into your kitchen and bathroom. Home technology doesn’t always have to be a splurge item; it can really be affordable and bring convenience to your home. So begin with finding the technology that would best benefit yourself and family.

For example, the touch-less water faucet turns on by just simply waving your hand in front of it. Can you imagine how much easier that is when you are prepping tonight’s chicken dinner? And did you know that you could sync your bathtub to your phone so that you can control your bath? You can even get kitchen faucets that work with smart home speakers such as Amazon Alexa.

The technology possibilities are endless! Just ask about your options and learn what technology fits your budget and lifestyle.

Thankfully, you can make any drab bathroom or kitchen into a trendy space just by updating the hardware and Infusion Kitchen and Bath Showroom is here to help! With expansive showrooms, knowledgeable staff and top of the line products, your next home project is sure to be a winner. Head over to the page to see the special offer Infusion Kitchen and Bath Showroom is offering!