Waterford Township renters say they're practically 'living in trash'

Posted at 5:54 PM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-02 17:54:57-04

"We’re literally living in trash," said Courtney Mayo of the conditions at Waterford Square Apartments. 

Mayo said garbage bags are constantly bursting out of the dumpster. 

She said it all started in late February, when the only on site compactor seemingly broke and got backed up, leaving tenants in over 400 units here no choice but to pile it up. 

At one point, the build-up grew so severe, it looked like a landfill -- management bringing extra dumpsters to clear the area. 

Mayo says she was told by the RESSCO, the company managing the property, that the compactor was fixed in early March, but renters have shown 7 Action News images that show the build up looking unsightly just a week ago.

And despite complaints to RESSCO, she said nothing changes. 

"There’s people who have made contact so many times we are told not to call them anymore," Mayo said. 

7 Action News stepped in to find out why the company hadn't repaired the problem. 

The company declined an interview and in a statement denied it all together, saying ...“this has not been an issue since compactor was repaired...any photos that show otherwise are not accurate.”

Meanwhile, Waterford Township said they were taking complaints seriously. 

And just an hour after making contact, renters told us they saw a township inspector on the property. 


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