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Mom's a Genius: Cool products that can help your kids read

Posted at 3:12 PM, Feb 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 17:04:15-05

Reading Month- March 2018

March is National Reading Month - a month that celebrates the joys of reading and the entertainment of a good book. Here are some parent-created products that can help little ones read.

  1. Circus Vowels LLC

Product: Circus Vowels Interactive Reading Kit: 1 Circus Vowels book, 32 Letter Vests, 8 Posters, 240 Word List, 20+ Vest ideas.

  • The book Circus Vowels: SIMPLE, FUN and ENGAGING reading strategies that focus on the vowels. SIMPLE to teach and learn
  • Amazing tool for parents to read to their children to help them understand those crazy vowels.
  • Kickstarter campaign that starts TODAY! With each purchase, a Circus Vowels book will be donated to children in need; Circus Vowels Interactive Reading kits will be donated to classrooms in Title One schools.


  1. UKLoo


            Product: uKloo Early Reader $15.95, uKloo Riddle Edition $17.95

  • Disguised as treasure hunt, uKloo games are award winning get-out- of your-seat reading games that gets kids excited about reading!
  • Excellent for reluctant Readers and recommended by teachers as an alternative to a book for kids that have a problem sitting still
  • uKloo Early Reader and uKloo Riddle Edition are also great games for for Easter hunting


  1. The Kindergarten Tool Kit - take 15% off with code READ


Product: Full Kindergarten Toolkit $59, Lesson Booklet $39, Flashcards set $18

  • Created by a former Kindergarten teacher
  • The Kindergarten Toolkit is an all-encompassing guide to take the guesswork out of knowing if your child is truly prepared for kindergarten.
  • Our Toolkit is designed for preschool aged little ones 2-6.


  1. The Storybox

Product: Family Package contains one board book and one picture book $17.99 plus $3 shipping, Board book package $14.99 plus $3 shipping, Picture book package $19.99 plus $3 shipping.

  • The family package contains 1 board book, 1 picture book, one ‘Challenge of the Month’ and one guide for the picture book
  • The board book package contains two board books and a "Challenge of the Month". Perfect for a babies and toddlers. Makes a great baby shower gift.
  • The picture book package contains two picture books and a guide for each book. This package is our best Value!


  1. LeapFrog  

Product: LeapStart™, $39.99, Peppa Pig™ Playing Together, $12.99, LeapStart™ Learn to Read Volume 1, $24.99, LeapStart™ Learn to Read Volume 2, $24.99

    • LeapStart is an interactive learning system that gets kids ages 2-7 excited about counting, learning to read, problem solving and more through fun, replayable activities.
    • The magic behind LeapStart is a stylus that reads invisible dots on every page, triggering questions, challenges, songs, jokes and more.
    • The LeapStart library consists of more than 25 books. The Peppa Pig interactive storybook that builds reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.


  1. Square Panda

Product: Square Panda Phonics Playset $99.95

  • Square Panda is a multisensory learning system designed for kids 2 years and older. It builds early reading skills using a tablet, library of games and physical smart letters.
  • Square Panda grows with the child and helps them become a confident reader using a multisensory approach, which research has shown is the most impactful way to help kids learn to read.

Parents have access to a Parent Portal, which allows them to keep track of their child’s progress and see problem areas in need of attention.