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Mom's entrepreneurial spirit leads to body scrubs with coffee grounds & inspirational workout DVD

Posted at 4:30 PM, Jan 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-13 22:43:27-05

She makes bath scrubs, doles out legal advice, writes books and makes exercise video… Where do you start when you talk about Tiffany Cartwright’s entrepreneurial spirit? For her, it all begins with faith.

“I really believe that when we have a gift, it’s really a blessing from God. And I feel that when God gives you something, he gives you a gift,” she says. “It’s never just about you, it’s always to share with the world, to make the world a better place.”

 To that end, Tiffany created what she says was the first of its kind gospel workout video.

“As a new mom, I couldn’t get to the gym often as I wanted to, because I’m caring for children and I wanted a way to work out, but I also wanted to work out to uplifting, inspirational gospel music.  I set out, went to different stores in search of one, and I couldn’t find one,” she explains. “So this God idea came to me, produce one yourself.”


It’s call “Praisercize,” and the thirty minute workout video, with a prayer and devotion at the end, is sold in Christian bookstores around the country and on Amazon. Tiffany is in the process right now of training to produce a gospel video focusing on toning. That’s expected to be released in March.

And that’s not all she’s producing these days. She makes all natural body scrubs and bath salts.

They come in four varieties, all made with essential oils. There are citrus blends and one made with brown sugar, but perhaps the most unique scrub is made with coffee grounds.

“In the same way coffee wakes you up in the morning, the coffee actually wakes up the skin cells,” she explains. “That’s why we call it Rejuvenate.”

She began making the scrubs when her children were little, and her daughter was diagnosed with excema.

“As a mom, I simply refused to treat her skin with any harsh chemicals, I didn’t want to use any steroids that they wanted to prescribe to me,” she says. “I decided to get in the kitchen and start mixing oils instead, and they worked.”

She said friends and family also loved how the bath scrubs made their skin feel.

“And someone said, that’s a business you’re sitting on.”

So a year and a half ago, Tiffany started a business called Amarra Naturals. Amarra, she says, means natural beauty. She also makes bath salts with Himalayan salt.

On top of these endeavors, Tiffany is also an attorney and an author of a cook book and two other books. For wearing many hats, and sharing her gifts, we say "Mom's a Genius."