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These inventory trackers will notify you when hard-to-find items are back in stock

Posted at 7:22 AM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 15:26:29-04

(WXYZ) — Is the product you’re looking for always out of stock?

These pandemic go-tos are hard to get your hands on, now even detergent and nail polish remover are hard to find.

We're all competing to buy the same products every week. So instead of getting frustrated while shopping, we can get smart while shopping.

Over the last several weeks, 7 Action News has talked to countless Metro Detroiters in search of the hard to get items.

Some are waking up early, waiting in line to get their hands on them. But personal finance expert Andy Hill, who hosts podcast, Marriage Kids and Money, says there are lots of digital options out there right now- inventory trackers will track what’s out there before you truck yourself into the store.

Consider Zoolert. Their slogan: We hunt, you gather.

At no cost to you, they’ll compare Walmart, Amazon and Target inventory to tell you whether the product you want is in stock, where you can find it and the price you should expect to pay.

Another freebie is NowInStock. It’s tracking everything from coronavirus-related needs to entertainment wants.

Set up email notifications on either service and get alerts as soon as the product gets restocked, possibly quicker than even Amazon, which has seen major delays.

If you prefer shopping Amazon then know you can set up product availability alerts.

Bottom line: When you spend more time in the store, you spend more money -- so Hill says a tracker allows you to budget better.

"You’re creating a digital list," Hill said. "Also by having that list and knowing what you want to buy, you’re keeping yourself out of the store."

It could do some good for your wallet – and these days, your health!

"Obviously, the more time home right now is the safest thing for us and our family and our community," said Hill.

In addition to tracking products, some sites like will let you track pricing history, as well so you can making sure they’re playing fair.

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