Alan Trammell 'proud' he and Jack Morris elected to HOF together

Alan Trammell 'proud' he and Jack Morris elected to HOF together
Posted at 10:40 AM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-11 17:40:00-05

Former Detroit Tigers players Alan Trammell and Jack Morris were elected to the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday thanks to the Modern Era committee.

Trammell said he was "proud" to be elected with Morris after both missed their original shots at the hall of fame.

"I'm so proud that Jack and I will be going in together," Trammell told the Detroit Free Press. "The way I describe it is a little bit of Tiger flavor."

The feelings were very mutual for Morris.

"I've bot to believe, in a crazy sort of way, that this was the sweetest way to go in," Morris told "To go in with a guy who meant so much to  me, and in my opinion, was overlooked."

Both are hoping Lou Whitaker will join them in Cooperstown soon.

"We're hoping at some point in time, Lou Whitaker will be with us," Trammell told MLive.

Trammell and Morris are the first two Tigers from the 1984 World Series team to be elected to the Hall of Fame.

"Overwhelmed. My mind is a whirlwind," Trammell told "I thought that Jack was well-deserving and in my opinion should've been in a few years ago. But nevertheless, it's an honor to go in with Jack and whoever is inducted from the writers' ballot. It's going to be a great class. I'm honored to be a part of it."

Morris and Trammell were picked by 16 voters who considered 10 different candidates for the hall of fame. 12 votes were needed to be elected. Morris got 14 and Trammell got 13.

Both will be enshrined on July 29 and both began their careers with the Tigers in 1977.

"The time I've spent wondering if this day would ever come seems to be vanished and erased right now because it did come, and it's amazing," Morris said.

"I came to realization that it might not happen, and I was OK with that. I really was," he said. "If people thought it was a tad short, I could live with that," Trammell added.

Morris spent 14 seasons with the Tigers, posting a 3.73 ERA in 430 games for the team. He had 154 complete games and 24 shutouts with a 1.266 WHIP.

Trammell played 20 seasons for Detroit and had a .285 batting average with 1,003 RBIs and 185 home runs.