Allen Park woman finds alligator in backyard, alligator's owner talks about how he got away

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 18:25:16-04

Allen Park Police had to call on a different kind of backup after getting a call Monday afternoon on an alligator loose in a woman's backyard. 

"I went back there, barehanded, grabbed him right on out," said Jerry Swantner who has worked at the Allen Park Critter Shop for 10 years. 

Swantner figured the small alligator had to have been someone's pet because he seemed friendly. 

But even small alligators that have become pets can be dangerous, Swantner said. 

"They got a mouth full of teeth," he added. 

"I had a dream my alligator was missing," said Ryan Hudge who lives a block over from where his 4-year-old gator named Gator was found, two days after he went missing from Hudge's backyard.

Hudge said he has two alligators that are mascots for his record label, Sophisticated Thug Entertainment. 

Hudge believes his daughter accidentally left open an area in the backyard where the alligators stay at times during the day. 

Hudge said he is going to build a secure habitat so Gator and his other pet alligator don't run away again.