Several days and counting of no A/C for seniors in Livonia apartment complex

Posted at 5:46 PM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-30 17:46:41-04

"Very hot, very weak," said Nadine Feinberg, of what it's like living in an apartment, at a temperature of nearly 90 degrees.

It’s the reality inside Livonia’s Brashear Tower, a senior living complex, nine stories high, nearly two hundred units full --- all of them with no air condition, despite a heat wave near record highs.

Feinberg says she’s watched neighbors fall ill over heat exhaustion.

Suffering from her own health issues, the 78 year-old says she’s simply trying to make it through, using fans and coping the best she can.

"Too hot to cook...I can’t clean, my apartments a mess, because I don’t have the energy," said Feinberg.

But Feinberg is far from the only one. When 7 Action News paid the building a visit, camearas found seniors sitting outside in the shade or looking for desperate relief in the few limited spaces where cool air is flowing.

The tenants say they’ve been told the building owner is working on a fix but 7 Action News wanted to know: How long are these seniors expected to wait?

7 Action News got on the case. It turns out the air condition has been broken since last fall but instead of being fixed was left as is and sold to a new owner, called Silver Tree Residential, which took it over two weeks ago.

Off camera, management told 7 Action News that at 35-years-old, the air condition had been a bigger challenge than anticipated, that evaluation for specially ordered parts was needed, and the earliest they expected a fix was 6 or 7 days from now. 

7 Action News is going to continue to track the story until there's resolve.


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