Bookstock offering deals on books, used media in metro Detroit through April 29

Posted: 12:05 PM, Apr 22, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-22 12:05:58-04
Bookstock offers deals through April 29

Michigan’s largest used book and media sale kicked off a week full of incredible deals that support literacy programs in metro Detroit. 

Livonia's Laurel Park Place Mall hosts the annual Bookstock event, where you can find books to help you build your own house, learn how to be a pro wrestler, introduce your kids to stories you grew up reading and so much more.

From music books to a mall performance, Clarenceville High School's marching band opened the week-long event, providing a living example that books are about more than just reading words on a page, it's an experience.

Tina Dugener was one of the first through the doors.

"I love to read; I love the cookbooks, I love biographies," says Dugener.  

She says reading created special memories when her kids were young.

"I bought a ton of books and then you know how you read 'em and put the ooompf in 'em and then you show the words," says Dugener, adding that all her kids grew up to be readers themselves.  

Now books help her bridge a 2,000 mile gap.

"I’m sending my son a Betty Crocker Cookbook cause he’s got a new baby and he’s been doing some experimenting cooking. He’s out in California," she says.

Bookstock holds the recipe for success in life, says event co-chair Rochelle Riley.

"Whether it’s making sure people are well informed for political reasons, making sure they understand issues on who to vote for, or improving our educational status. We are ranking really low in the country and we can do better, and it all begins with reading," says Riley.

This week at Livonia's Laurel Park Place Mall, over 250 thousand donated books are available for just a few dollars.

"We have every genre: mysteries, children’s books, cookbooks, humor biographies, all of it," says Riley.

Every Bookstock purchase helps fund literacy programs for adults and youth in Oakland County and Detroit

So indulging nostalgia is encouraged! Riley has her eye on vintage Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books

"There’s one from 1959 one from 1962," says Riley, "I’m taking this one!"

Every day this week, Bookstock will host special events, from gift card giveaways to cupcake competitions. More info can be found here: