Clerk charged with murder in Sunday shooting at Citgo gas station

Posted at 4:49 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 11:09:20-04

A gas station station clerk is facing first-degree murder charges after a shooting Sunday.

It happened at the Citgo near McNichols and Southfield on the city’s west side.

This gas station was closed for a second day after the fatal shooting.

Rami Ali Jaber, 26, made his first court appearance after police say he fatally shot a customer, 34-year-old Derek Roberts.

Police say Roberts was unarmed when Jaber took out a gun after a verbal altercation inside the store.

Jaber’s attorney asked for bond saying he has close ties to family in Michigan, has a high school degree and no prior convictions.

Defense Attorney Doraid Elder said, “He’s the one that called 911.”

Jaber was remanded without bond after prosecutors say there is strong evidence in this case: surveillance video.

The Elder says he hasn’t seen it.

7 Action News requested the video from Police but have not received it yet.

Assistant Prosecutor William Lawrence told the judge it is damning.

“This is a rare case, Your Honor, where not only do you have video of the entire incident, you also have audio of the entire incident," Lawrence said. "And it clearly paints the picture of first-degree murder as the defendant is charged with.”

Jaber will be back in court for a probable cause hearing May 29.