Detroit's Most Wanted Captured: Kijana Davis arrested in Warren

Posted at 4:46 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 16:46:07-04

A man accused of trying to kill his neighbor was arrested in Warren, thanks to a viewer tip.

Police say on May 3, Kijana Davis shot at his neighbor at a Highland Park apartment complex and took off, prompting evacuations and causing SWAT to move in. 

"Who has the audacity to shoot a guy that they live by, like they live a door apart," said Deputy Aaron Garcia. "How do you think you're gonna shoot your neighbor and get away with it?"

Police say it was an argument over loud music.

"I heard a gunshot in the wall and I didn't really know what's going on," a witness said.

Police say the victim was trapped as Davis came for blood, but he survived - the gun recoiled and the bullet was lodged in plaster.

Highland Park Detective Brian Menge was searching for Davis and evacuating residents to safety as SWAT moved in. 

"They're worried they're fearful that night because one, they hear a gunshot, then they see the large police presence here and tactical officers that are approaching the suspect's apartment. 

Hours of what was believed to be a barricaded gunman situation quickly turned into a fugitive hunt. 

Menge says the Highland Park community is fed up with this kind of senseless violence.

"Highland Park is a small community, but we have a lot of really good citizens in here that are getting tired of the violence and will speak up and help us with these crimes, and that’s what we’re asking for," Menge said.