Detroit's Most Wanted: Darius Johnson

Posted at 11:59 AM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-05 14:09:22-04

A young girl was sexually assaulted in her own home by someone her mother trusted.

Police believe Darius Johnson has more victims and they’re hoping this story will give them the strength to come forward just like the mother of a 12-year-old girl police say was sexually assaulted by him.

“I couldn’t even protect my own child in the comfort of our own home,” the victim’s mother said.

Police say he’s a child predator, she says he became her worst nightmare.

“The look on his face was just pure guilt,” she said.

We’re protecting the victim’s mother’s identity to protect her daughter.  Police say Darius Johnson brutally sexually assaulted her inside her home during a barbeque get together in April of 2016

“I wouldn’t let him get out of the house while we had 911 on the phone,” she said.

She says her friends and family did everything they could to keep Johnson from taking off after she found her daughter hysterical in the basement.

“He’s like somebody already accused me of that before, somebody already accused me, I’m not going to jail,” she said.

He jumped out of the front picture window and hasn’t been seen since.

“I’m protecting every other baby out there because I don’t want nobody to have to go through what I went through,” she said.

Speaking up, so other mothers won’t have to.  Right now, the U.S. Marshals are searching for other children who may have fallen victim to Johnson.

“My biggest fear is that there are other victims out there, that there are other kids out there, so if they have been they need to reach out and contact Detroit Police Department sex crimes unit,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Aaron Garcia said.

You can call the Detroit Police Victim’s Assistance Program at (313) 833-1660.

Darius Johnson goes by the nickname of “D-boy,” he’s 5’7” tall and weighs 175 pounds. Johnson is from the east side of Detroit and the victim’s mother says his friends and family are helping him hide.

“Why would you all do that? You all know he has a track record and what he already done,” she said. “You all are not only harboring a fugitive but you all are harboring a child molester, a predator.”

As she helps her daughter cope with the trauma that will affect her the rest of her life.

“They are (the kids) innocent, they did not ask to be here and not only is it my job to be here it’s our job as a community to protect these kids,” she said. “So get up your high horse and stop protecting this mama’s boy, this child molester this predator and put him where he’s supposed to be.”

As always, there’s a cash reward for any information leading to the arrest of Darius Johnson, you can call the U.S. Marshals anytime at (313) 234-5656.