First pedal pub in Oakland County hits Lake Orion

Riders welcome to BYOB
Posted at 7:13 AM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 07:21:02-04

It’s a contraption that causes heads to turn — beginning this month people near Lake Orion will notice what’s known as a “cycle-pub boat” out on the water.

The company Pedal Boat Pub is introducing a floating cycle bar to Lake Orion this Spring. The 25-foot cycle boat features a trough-style cooler full of ice for riders to bring drinks and room for up to 16 passengers.

It operates similar to the pedal pubs that have long been a fixture in major cities across the U.S. Similar cycle boats began to gain popularity in Michigan over the past year as bans were lifted allowing businesses to offer up "bring your own booze" operating models that allow riders to drink on the water.

“I think our microphone is going to get a workout too,” said Marcella Zinser, part-owner, referencing the karaoke feature they added to the boat. “I think we’re the first to do that.”

Zinser, and Ken Robinette, also added a television that can stream cable so diehard sports fans can keep up with their favorite teams during the 1 1/2 hour trips.

“This is a little different because most of the pubs we’ve seen have been on huge bodies of water, but we just looked at Lake Orion and said, ‘Why not?’” said Robinette.

In an attempt to kickoff the business and gain some notoriety the Pedal Boat Pub is offering locals a shot at a free ride for 16 people through a Facebook drawing — all you have to do is like the Facebook page and submit an entry form before May 9th. A winner will be announced on May 11th.