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Road construction shutdowns hurt small businesses, 'it's going to kill us'

Posted at 6:14 PM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-06 18:14:03-04

7 Action News continues to show you how the shutdown of several road construction projects has far-reaching effects. 

The owner of AB Trucking, Peggy Wolfe says “it’s going to kill us.” 

She had about 20 trucks out on the I-696 project last week to haul the old concrete and other materials. 

She works with several other small trucking companies. The work was stopped over the weekend with no notice. 

“It’s a tremendous hit. Our road construction season starts in April and only goes through Thanksgiving. And this is the months we make a profit. And now we’re shut down. We’re making no money,” Peggy Wolfe said.  

Her husband Jim says this could be catastrophic.

The I-696 project is half finished. One side sits with concrete removed. It was supposed to be done by November. 

If it is delayed, concrete can’t be poured in freezing weather. And even though state officials are not involved in the labor dispute, Jim Wolfe suggests the Governor could force talks. 

“The projects that they’re doing would be difficult to keep safe during the winter months,” he said.

This is day three of a work stoppage on several Metro Detroit road construction projects. Both sides continue to blame the other in the dispute between MITA and Operating Engineers Local 324.

MITA is the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association which negotiates on behalf of 85% of the road construction companies that do road work.

If you know of more economic trouble because of the shutdown of road construction projects, contact Jim Kiertzner.