Haha, this study thinks Ohio is more fun than Michigan

Posted at 9:19 AM, May 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 10:08:06-04

Here's a good laugh for you on this Tuesday...a new study found that the state of Ohio is more fun that the state of Michigan!

According to the WalletHub study, Michigan ranks 15th in the most fun states in America, while Ohio ranks 13th. Really?

Ohio ranks 14th in the "Arts & Entertainment" category while Michigan is 15th and they also rank sixth in the "Nightlife" category while Michigan is 19th.

The crazy thing is, Michigan actually comes first in two different categories while Ohio doesn't rank No. 1 in any category WalletHub mentions.

Michigan is No. 1 in most golf courses and country clubs per capita and tied for first for most marinas per capita. 

Yes, Ohio does have Cedar Point, but four of the five Great Lakes prefer Michigan. In fact, in Michigan there is no point in which you're more than six miles from a body of water.

At least Matt Lynch from Thrillist knows how great Michigan is. He named us the best state in America. On his list, Ohio came in at 48th.

The study took into account many factors including shoreline mileage, amusement parks, number of attractions and others for entertainment and recreation.

For nightlife, they looked at average beer & wine price, movie costs, access to bars, time of last call and more. Maybe they forgot Michigan has the lowest price for a case of beer in the U.S.?

California comes in as as the most fun state in America, followed by New York, Nevada, Florida and Illinois.

As for the states that aren't as fun, West Virginia leads the charge, followed by Mississippi, Delaware, Rhode Island and Arkansas.