Ask Dr. Nandi: How to boost your body's energy all day

Posted at 5:55 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 18:30:29-04

Are you feeling drained, tired or just plain old sluggish? Wish you had more energy to get things done like you used to?  

Well you’re not alone as tiredness and fatigue are very common problems.

Being zapped of energy is a very popular complaint I hear often from my patients. It can really affect your work performance, family life and overall health.  

But there are many things that you can do to fight fatigue. And I asked our Facebook friends what they do and many shared some excellent tips.

I particularly like what Denise Lynn from Novi posted.  

She said she drinks “Lots and lots of water.  And takes a couple short, fast-paced walks during the work day when time allows.”  

Both water and walking can definitely have energizing effects. Because if you’re mildly dehydrated, you can zap not only your energy but also your attention and memory.  

And it may sound crazy to move more when you’re tired but getting physical activity has been shown to boost energy. 

I love recommending walking because it’s free, effective, doesn’t require a membership and you can do it anywhere.  

And a brisk 10-minute walk taken daily for 3 weeks has been reported to not only raise overall energy levels but can lift your mood as well.  

Another good energy Facebook tip came from Donald Couture who said to “Power nap at least 20 minutes”.  

I agree with Donald but there are some basic rules when it comes to napping.  

You don’t want to nap for more than 20 or 30 minutes. This length of time helps improve alertness and will do wonders for your physical stamina.  

But you have to be careful when you take it so it doesn’t mess up your nighttime sleep.  

In fact, if you have trouble sleeping at night, napping is not recommended as it could make things worse.  

And if you’re constantly tired, I’d recommend you see your family doctor for a checkup so they can ask about your symptoms and find the cause of your fatigue.