Howell residents fed up with blight, hoarding in neighborhood

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-03 00:02:58-04

Some say a bad neighbor made their block a haven for blight, hoarding and horror.
Action News, spent some time with some folks in Howell who are fed up and fuming. 

We’re told a house has been wreaking havoc on one Howell block for years.

The city has finally condemned it and is supposed to demolish it and residents couldn’t be happier.

They say it’s a dangerous eyesore that could still be a health hazard today.

We’re told the homeowner, who is no longer allowed inside the dwelling, did some things with the plumbing that people who live near here will never forget.

“He disconnected his toilet and let everything go into the basement and collect in there and when it gets so full, he would steal power from the neighbor, pump it into the driveway here, and then he would cover it with motor oil," said neighbor Mike Harmon.  

Yes, we’re talking feces. Both animal and human. 

“I know some people don’t want a lot of government over reach but you just can’t have this in the neighborhood, it’s unsafe number one’”, said Chris Russell, who also lives on the block.

The city leaders of Howell are now looking to create property maintenance codes for homeowners.

This would mean stiffer rules when it comes to upkeep, repairs, blight – both inside and out. 

They also plan to monitor the properties more closely, especially those that require more effort. If need be, they will issue tickets and fines.

We’re told there could be some action by council in August or September. 

Photos released by the Howell City Council show some of the concerns residents have regarding blight and hoarding in the neighborhood.