Hyperbaric chamber at Woodhaven Animal Hospital free for pets rescued from fires

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jul 26, 2018

At the Woodhaven Animal Hospital, they're already doing acupuncture and chiropractic therapies on pets, and now they're expanding their treatments to include hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

"I just want to set a new standard and let people know there are options and we won't stop until we do everything we can to help people and their pets," said Dr. Lucretia Greear, owner and lead veterinarian at the animal hospital where the use of the hyperbaric chamber has been launched.

On Thursday, Dr. Greear announced that the state of the art piece of life-saving equipment is available at no cost to pets that have been rescued from house fires and near-drownings. 

They want to make firefighters all over the state aware that the chamber is free to use if they call ahead to alert them that the rescued animal is being transported by its owner or member of the fire department. 

"If they can get them to the chamber, we will help them at no cost," said Dr. Greear who is also using the chamber to treat wounds on Jake, a rescue dog from Missouri that had to have a broken leg and his tail amputated. 

In a few months, emergency response workers will be able to call ahead for 24-hour access to the hyperbaric chamber. 

For more information, you can visit the Woodhaven Animal Hospital's Facebook page here

Click on the video to see the hyperbaric chamber in use in Kimberly Craig's report.