Local woman opens dream cookie business in Ferndale

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jul 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 09:52:45-04

She’s a mom on a mission and her message to all metro Detroiters is: you can be too.
It started with a D’vine thought, an idea, and now it’s a full-blown, booming business right in our backyard.

Rebecca Abel saw something in herself that you can, too. You just have to allow your ideas, your thoughts, your dreams to become a reality.

You must also have faith in yourself and the passion for your purpose has to be your fuel.

“I kept having this strange feeling that, that I needed to create a cookie company," Able said. "It kept coming to me and coming to me and I was envisioning it." 

Able is a dessert lover, though, not a baker. Clearly, things change because she is now. 

Rebecca has been in the finance business for nearly twenty years but she just cannot resist the way a cookie crumbles. 

So, after extensive plus, a lot of research and putting up all of her own money. Countless hours and sleepless nights, D’vine Cookies and Dough was born. Able launched her cookie company in December.

All of the D’vine baked goods are whipped up inside a commercial kitchen in Ferndale, sold in various shops, online and from their food truck.

“I’m making it happen, having faith in myself that you know what, I can do this,” she says proudly. 

Rebecca is always looking to create new products to please every palette. She’ll be announcing new locations very soon. One of them will be in the city of Detroit. 

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