Metro Detroit boy who survived flesh eating disease learns to walk with new prosthetic legs

Posted at 11:47 AM, May 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-07 08:17:22-04

Dakarai Moore, Jr. is well on his way to realizing his dream of walking again.

Seven Action News first reported on Dakarai back in 2016 after he mysteriously contracted a flesh-eating disease. He survived, but doctors were forced to amputate his leg. Then, they amputated his other leg because the disease had destroyed much of its muscle tissue.

Dakarai, who's about to start high school in the fall, now has prosthetic legs.

He goes to Children's Hospital twice a week for rehab. He's been working with Jennifer Stefani since his first amputation.

She says, "He just always had a positive attitude. He's been a great worker. It's really been inspiring."

They've been working on walking, going up and down stairs, balance and arm strength.

"We started off just working with the walker. He only has one prosthetic unlocked right now. Next week, we are hoping to unlock the other," she says.

"He has surpassed our expectations. He's done really well with his prosthetics. I have no qualms he's going to do amazing," says Stefani.

Darakai says, "I used to get scared and had to hold on to something so won't fall. Now, since I'm standing up tall, i'm confident I can keep my balance and stuff. It's showing I can conquer stuff. I can set a goal. I can get to that goal .. and move on to the next one."

His father says, "Success. That's all I wish for him. I can see it right now. He said he was gonna walk again. I can see it right now. He said he was gonna walk again. We believed it .. and it's coming.. it's coming along."