Metro Detroit senior says she paid a locksmith hundreds, then watched her doorknob fall off

Posted at 8:00 AM, Jul 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-04 08:00:10-04

Dorothy's house has a door problem.

For several years, she's had troubles with the doorknob to the front door falling off, right into her hand, often leaving her locked out with no way to get inside.

Tired of using a screwdriver and foil to muddle her way through re-opening her front door, the senior called up a Southfield based company called ASAP Locksmith.

The contractor came, she says, installed a new key lock, but when it came to the doorknob, he reinstalled the same pieces, declaring it "fixed."

According to, an average locksmith in the area is $153 dollars. This one, she showed us, charged her $430.

In desperate need of a repair and unaware of the going rate, she handed over a check. But just two months later, she went to shut the door, and the handle came off in her hand.

When calling for a refund, she says she was denied and instead told they would fix the door for another high fee.

7 Action News got on the case, the company's owner agreeing to issue her a refund and ultimately lived up to his word, returning a check of $400 to the Farmington homeowner.


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