Michigander Gretta Jackson becomes first Black female owner of an Outback Steakhouse

Women's History Month: Gretta Jackson's Journey To Success
Posted at 5:41 PM, Mar 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-17 18:24:46-04

(WXYZ) — Hard-work, persistence and the power of prayer. That is what one metro Detroit woman credits for her success.

But achieving your goals means nothing if you don’t share it and bring others along with you. Andrea Isom introduces us to another history making woman in Southeast Michigan.

“My roots definitely run deep in Detroit, 6 Mile and Davison. Raised by my grandparents, raised in the church and raised in love. Went to Detroit Public Schools and graduated from Detroit Northern in 1993," says Gretta Jackson with such pride.

At 45 years old, Gretta Jackson is driven with ambition in her blood. She goes for what she wants and Gretta works hard to get what she and others deserve.

So, Gretta decided to go to college and major in Business Marketing.

“I was working 30 hours a week, carrying 12 credit hours and had a new born baby. I got pregnant with her my first semester of college. So, that made me have to work a little bit harder to do some of the things. Because I now had 2 people to provide for," says Gretta.

Nothing could stop Gretta. She was also interning in Corporate America but she wanted more.

“I was about 23 when I started with Outback. And after starting with this company, I quickly decided that this could possibly be a career choice. They create an environment where you don’t have to be afraid to be yourself. You don’t have to be afraid to grow and develop," she says with her infectious smile.

Gretta started out as a server, then went to bartender, to assistant manager, to kitchen manager, to front of the house manager, to senior manager and now to managing partner.

Just a few weeks ago, Gretta Jackson was named Managing Partner at the Outback in Roseville. Gretta is the first black woman to do so. The corporation, her staff, the customers, Gretta’s family and friends along with the community are so proud and so inspired by Gretta.

"Literally 19 years in the making, no short cuts, nothing was given to me. I literally worked my way through every position, came up in the ranks. When you’re so focused on you and what you’re trying to do, you don’t always take the time to realize or understand how it’s going to affect other people. And I did not and could not have imagined the impact that my success or my own personal success would have on others," says Jackson.

This Women’s History Month, Gretta Jackson is humbled be a history maker, herself.

Gretta hopes other women look at her and what she’s accomplished, see themselves and believe they can achieve their goals.