New food hall built from shipping containers opens Friday in Cass Corridor

Posted at 11:44 AM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 11:44:52-04

Shipping containers are being recycled into different purposes.

Now, a food hall in Cass Corridor, created using containers, will house five restaurants and two bars.

“Shipping containers? That’s pretty cool," said Chef Maxel Hardy.

That's what he thought when he was approached to open a restaurant in the Detroit Shipping Company. It will open Friday, July 13 with a full bar and limited menu

It’s made up of 30 recycled containers and will have five restaurants with communal seating.

“Two bars, kind of a Biergarten-feel outside, ample theater, podcast studio, T-shirt shop,” Hardy said.

The outdoor space is perfect for summer and they are working on getting a retractable roof.

The cuisines you’ll find here will include burgers, Asian, tacos, sandwiches, a coffee/desert spot and Chef Hardy’s “Coop Detroit.”

“Caribbean street food, speaking to Bahamas, Jamaica, DR (Dominican Republic), Trini, giving a lot flavors from all the islands,” Hardy said.

Chef Hardy owns River Bistro on Grand River.

He says some menu favorites will include jerk chicken wings, conch salad, plantains, conch fritters and this amazing, cheesy mac and cheese.

“We have our jerk ribs and a few different sandwiches that we will serve here as well,” Hardy said.

He added that he knows the perfect diner to enjoy this spot. That fun foodie that’s looking for just a mix of cuisines, mix of flavors, that will be his target audience.

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