New report details industrial pollution in Michigan's lakes, rivers and streams

Posted at 6:10 PM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 18:10:24-04

A report is out that explains how lack of funding for regulatory agencies could lead to more pollution in Michigan's waterways.

The 60-page report from Environment Michigan explains how industrial facilities dumped what they call excessive pollution nearly 200 times in less than two years.

"Pollutants are being added to waters that were already too polluted for uses such as swimming, drinking fishing," said Nathan Murphy, the state director of Environment Michigan.

He says the report released Thursday finds major industrial facilities are regularly dumping pollution beyond legal limits.

The study also shows there was a decrease in the inspections of the facilities during that same time period.

He says it's important to support the agencies in charge of those inspections to ensure clean waterways.

"Funding our oversight agencies and out regulatory agencies adequately. We need to be able to support through the budget process and through the administrative process so they have the ability to get out there and do the inspections that they need to do to protect our families."

Rep. Stephanie Chang is concerned for our lakes and rivers if funding for the EPA decreases.

"When it comes to our public health and the water that we need to live it should be a priority," she added.

The report also shows that polluters rarely face penalties.

The organization hopes this report will lead to stronger protection for clean water.