Owner of dogs cleaned at car wash voluntarily giving dogs up

Posted at 9:21 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 08:51:31-04

The owner of two German Shepherds said that he will hand the dogs over to a third party of his choosing, Warren detectives said. 

Nicole Gattoross, owner of Wash-Stop car wash in Warren, uncovered disturbing video of customers washing two dogs in her car wash. The suspects were using chemicals made for vehicles, along with high pressure water hoses that reach up to 110 degrees. 

Gattoross said she witness the act on surveillance video livestreamed on her phone while out with her family. 

On Tuesday, Warren Police Detectives said that the owner of the dogs has taken the animals to the vet, and they are said to be in good condition. The owner has also agreed to release the dogs to a friend or family member.

Warren police are still expected to charge the owner on two counts of animal cruelty, one count for each dog. 

The owner, who has not officially been charged, admitted to police that he messed up. He also told police that he thought that if he stood far enough away that the pressure of the hose wouldn't hurt the dogs. He also told police that he didn't know the chemicals in the soap used at the car wash would be harmful to the dogs.