Detroit police responding to violent weekend after three shootings, two in Greektown

Posted at 5:46 PM, May 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 17:46:46-04

Detroit was packed with partiers and baseball fans this holiday weekend, but the fun was interrupted with three separate shootings.

Two of those occurred in Greektown, the third was nearby.

“I was just walking down the street, next thing I know – pow, pow, pow!   You hear a whole bunch of gun shots,” said Antoine Stanfield, who heard the commotion Tuesday morning.

Around 12:50 AM, four men in the alley behind the businesses along Brush Street, between Monroe and Macomb, started arguing.

That argument led to gunshots, and two 22-year-olds, a 23-year-old and a 31-year-old were rushed to the hospital.

“We believe one of the victims is a perpetrator, and we also have one perpetrator still at large,” said Detroit Police Assistant Chief James White.

On Sunday, shots were fired near Niki’s in Greektown.  No one was hurt, and Detroit police were able to chase down and arrest the suspects.

“It’s the holiday, everybody’s having fun down here, the festival at Movement.  It’s just a shame that everything popped off like it did, and it’s not good for the city,” said Jason Rodgers, who heard the gunshots Tuesday.

“I think it’s safe to be downtown Detroit,” said Asst. Chief White.  He says DPD will be taking a closer look at the venues where these shootings took place.

“Are they good stewards of community safety?  Because they have responsibility to provide a safe environment and work with the police department, so we are going to take a very aggressive look at those venues,” said Asst. Chief White.

Greektown is a Project Green Light Corridor, with cameras monitored by Detroit Police.
Security experts in the area say anyone looking to start trouble should realize – you’re on camera.

“They’re going to be identified before they even do some of the crimes that are committed, and by the time they get home – they already know who they are.   So they need to stop all this craziness,” said Alfred Benavides, who does security for 400 Monroe Associates and Fishbones.