Fake parking tickets at the Tigers game to serve as a warning for theft

Posted at 5:22 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 08:25:48-04

A group known as HEAT or Help Eliminate Auto Thefts partnered with DPD to hand out fake parking tickets at the Tigers game on Wednesday.

The tickets were placed on windshields like a regular parking ticket, but instead of having to pay a fine, it’s warning for leaving valuable items in sight.

"If we do see it, we're going to put a little fake ticket on their windshield and let them know that we saw this,” said HEAT Executive Director, Mark Wagenschutz.

Wagenschutz said he knows it’s alarming to come back and find a ticket on your car, but it’s more alarming to have your items stolen.

"You want to get rid of that visual enticement so somebody who might stop by and just and say hey this is interesting let's see if I can get in the car,” said Wagenschutz.

You might be surprised, as our 7 Action News cameras tagged along, the DPD officers and HEAT crew ticketed cars for unlocked doors, visible laptop bags, sunglasses, bluetooth earbuds and more.

Don’t worry though, it is just a warning.

"They don't have to pay a ticket, no absolutely not, simply an information piece for them, an education piece,” said Wagenschutz.