'Historic agreement' approved by federal judge for kids in Flint Water Crisis

Posted at 5:32 PM, Apr 12, 2018

Thousands of kids in Flint can now be tested for lead poisoning and other health issues related to the Flint Water Crisis after a settlement was approved by Federal Judge Arthur Tarnow. 

He said in court, “it is a rare time where I don’t have to watch out for a losing side. This is truly a case that is a win-win for all sides.” 

The suit was filed on behalf of kids against Flint Public Schools, the Genesee Intermediate School District and the Michigan Department of Education. 

Outside of court Ariana Hawk said she blames Governor Rick Snyder - saying he “let us down”. 

Snyder has repeatedly taken ownership for the crisis and said he would fix it. 

His administration ordered Flint to switch off Detroit water to free Flint River water to save money. The river was more corrosive, not treated and caused lead poisoning and other serious health issues. 

Nine-year-old Jaylon Tyson said outside of court, “I get mad. The water’s gross.” 

This settlement is only a partial victory.  It only sets up a way for all Flint kids to be tested. That is set to cost $4.1 million. 

The lawsuit continues to establish a system for treatment of kids.