Home near LCA with $4.8 million price tag could be condemned by Detroit

Posted at 5:51 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 09:41:34-04

A home around the corner from Little Caesars Arena could be condemned by the City of Detroit, at the same time, it’s for sale for nearly $5 million dollars. 

The home at 2712 Cass has holes in the roof, chipping paint, and toys strewn all over the yard.  It also has a banner on the front, listing it for sale with Darren Johnson at Johnson Premier Realty.

7 Action News made attempts to contact the homeowner, but we did not get a call back from person listed as the owner.  No one answered the door and the realtor, Johnson, said ‘no comment.’

The City of Detroit is looking at the property because it has multiple blight and code infractions.

"It's been our radar for some time, we've been ticketing the property in terms of blight violations and code compliance issues,” said Raymond Scott, the Deputy Director of Building Safety and Engineering and Environmental Safety with the City of Detroit.

Scott said the city is increasing enforcement on the property. 

"To our knowledge the tickets have not been paid,” said Scott.

He said the city has not been able to make contact with people associated with the house, but the city has issued an intent to vacate notice. 

"We've reached out in every possible way.  Which has allowed us to now escalate our enforcement and procedures,” said Scott.

He said it’s because of the current violations that would lead the city to condemn the property.

"From our exterior inspection shows that there was a fire which made it an emergency order in terms of getting us involved and depending on the outcome of the interior inspection it could be condemned,” said Scott.

Scott said the location of this property is not why it’s being targeted.  He said it comes down to complaints and that’s standard practice for the city.

"We don't set any priorities in terms of the local, as it relates to being in a development area or what have you, we treat all the citizens in the city the same,” said Scott.

The city will have to go through the full legal process before the home is condemned.