Law enforcement officials unveil their action plan for Monday's Detroit fireworks

Posted at 6:11 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 18:11:54-04

The Detroit fireworks ahow is just around the corner and keeping every citizen safe is always a chief concern.

7 Action News talked with law enforcement about this year's new plan to keep this family fun event violence free.

“I think last year's plan was good. I think this year;s plan is better,”  says Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

This year Spirit Plaza will be a limited access point, just like Hart Plaza has been for years. This means anyone coming in will be checked for weapons.

“The other addition this year, I'm very excited about, is that we are using our new, real-time crime center as our eye in the sky, so that we can have real time intelligence on what's going on, on the ground,” says Craig.

Also different this this year? On Belle Isle Michigan State Police will be using some alternative ways to patrol the crowds.

“For us the newest thing we're doing is, we've having our tactical bicycle team out this year," says 1st Lt. Mike Shaw.

It’s an idea they snagged from cops in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention. 

Shaw says that's one thing the department noticed they could have used more of during last year's fireworks. Using the bikes is a better means of moving through the crowds.

“We tell people who want to come down here and cause trouble, not today,” says Shaw.

Which is something Chief Craig echoes. 

“Do right, act right, zero tolerance for violence,” says the Chief. 

This has always been a family event, and that’s how law enforcements intends for it to stay.