Should Michigan State Park Rangers carry guns, mace or tasers?

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jul 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-09 17:18:25-04

The President of the Michigan State Employees Association which represents Park Rangers, says they should be allowed to carry guns, mace or tasers to protect themselves and the public. 

He says 322 Park Rangers work in the state’s 104 parks including Belle Isle in Detroit.  Four Park Rangers work with 13 support staff and Michigan State Police on the island.

Over the weekend a female Park Ranger had an incident with a man as she was locking up a restroom on the east side of the island. 

According to State Police the man was upset he could not use the restroom, called the Ranger names, pushed her and said she was “white privileged” before walking away.

 MSEA President Ken Moore tells 7 Action News the problems his Rangers face are statewide, “Drug activity, inner-city activity in other words gang activity, abuse of alcohol.”  He adds, “I’ve had officers who have been held at gunpoint and robbed.”