Metro Detroit family says they were terrorized by bounty hunters looking for fugitive

Posted at 6:33 PM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 18:33:41-04

"It felt like a horror movie," said Shellie Warren of a terrifying Tuesday.

A week ago, Shellie and Adam Warren said they were awoken by what felt like an armed robbery.

What began with banging on the door evolved into the rattling of windows as an industrial style light, they said, was being shined into the home.

"I couldn't’ see anything as every time I looked out I was blinded," Mr. Warren said.

The men outside demanded the family come out with their hands up but wouldn't, they said, identify who they were, leading the family to call for help.

Police immediately arrived on scene. The men said they were bounty hunters with Sanborn Bail Bonds with intel that a fugitive was in the home, which wasn't the case, leaving the family questioning the intel and who these men really were, with concern over a Facebook post from one of the bounty hunters that reads:

“We don’t follow the law...we all have weapons...I wouldn’t piss any of the members of my team off.”

So I went to press the bail bonds company for answers. Sanborn said the bounty hunters were freelancers but admitted they didn’t follow protocol.

After stepping in, he apologized to the family and said that he had “followed up to reference procedures [with workers].... No banging on doors or using flash lights...this will not happen again.”

As for this freelancer’s post? Sanborn said he didn’t know and wouldn’t work with him again.

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