Shelby Township man facing charges after 23 dogs taken from his home

Posted at 5:16 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 17:16:28-04

Animal control officers seized 23 dogs from a Shelby Township home. Many were emaciated and matted.

The owner could be facing animal neglect charges.

Shelby Township Police Chief Robert Shielde said, “He was perturbed, didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.”

Animal control officers showed up to a home on Woodbridge Drive in Shelby Township Friday. Inside were 23 dogs in crates and a strong urine smell permeated the air.

Animal control officers came to the home after receiving a complaint.

The pups ranged in age and were mainly golden doodles or miniature poodles. It’s unclear if the homeowner was breeding the dogs.

But one thing for sure, the dogs were skinny, matted and some had sores.

“Some of the dogs weren’t groomed properly. Some of them looked like they were underfed, basically not being taken care of.”

All of the dogs are at the Macomb County Animal Shelter. They won’t be up for adoption because they are considered evidence.

Reporter Syma Chowdhry knocked on the door to talk with the owner, but nobody was home. Police say the man was upset when they seized the dogs.

“Cared about the dogs, very protective and didn’t want us to take the dogs and became very guarded and uncooperative when he learned we were going to be taking the dogs.”

So far no charges have been filed, but that could change later this week.