Warren honors citizens, including man who helped catch a suspected killer

Posted at 5:39 PM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 17:40:38-04

Six citizens were honored in Warren with Civilian Citation Awards, including one man honored for helping to catch a murder suspect.

Six people were honored at Warren City Hall on Wednesday for various services to the city and helping to stop crime:

  • Vicki Bernieri
  • Leslie Baker
  • Ron Mesic
  • Robyn Bell
  • Erica Lemmon
  • Darnell Boynton

The last name on the list, Darnell Boynton, was honored for his efforts to catch a suspected killer.

On September 1 of last year, Warren Police responded to a gruesome scene at a home off Panama Ave.  Steven Collins, 67, and his wife, Cynthia Collins, 66, were found beaten to death.

Police believed the suspect to be 37 year-old Lawrence Borowiak, their nephew, whom they reportedly raised.

7 Action News sent out a push alert, with the suspect’s picture and around that same time, Darnell Boynton, was eating an anniversary dinner with his wife and two daughters at Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit.

He saw the push alert on his phone. 

"I really didn't think anything of it because you never expect the person to, minutes later, come walking through the door but that's exactly what happened,” said Boynton. 
"When he walked in, I said, ‘oh my god!'  She said Darnell, what wrong? I said that guy is wanted for a double murder,” said Boynton.

Boynton said he decided to take action.

"It was instinctual, I don't think I made a conscious decision, I just knew I had to do something,” said Boynton

He followed Borowiak on foot, several blocks to an abandoned home.

"I stayed back five to ten feet, I kept the police on the phone, every move he made I directed them,” said Boynton.

Boynton said his mother always taught him to do the right thing. 

"She always said, right plus right equals right. When you do the right thing, right things happen,” said Boynton.  

Warren Police were able to successfully arrest the suspect, Borowiak.  He is still awaiting trial, if convicted he could spend life behind bars without parole.